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Would you like to sell your house? As quickly and well as possible. And, of course, for a good price. The presentation of your house is essential to make a good first impression, you will only get one chance at this. Property styling (also called home staging) will make your house look right and make viewers curious.


Would you like to change the interior or garden of your home or business? Have you moved or are you planning to move soon? The deed of sale is signed, and then? What do we do with the layout of the house, business or garden? Are you going to rebuild or would you like to renew your current situation? From concept to design, we are fully attuned to your wishes.

And also… for home photography or photos for the rental of your home, holiday home, bed & breakfast and business, Home Sense is the right adress.

Home Sense is a certified company in property styling by House of KIKI (Dutch company) and is working online and offline with homes, businesses and gardens. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment, quotation, ideas or questions. Get in touch


Cynthia Wijnker is the person behind Home Sense. She has worked in the financial sector for some years. During her work for a real estate company, her interest in home and garden design grew. With this interest, she decided to do more and out of this Home Sense was formed.

In times when everyone is busy, quality time is a valuable thing. Coming home should be a time of relaxation, rest and enjoyment.

The interior and exterior also says a lot about a company. The expertise of the company is often integrated into it, but it also says something about cleanliness, quality and homeliness.

Cynthia Wijnker


Working method:

Every project is unique and any question is different. It always starts at Home Sense with a FREE intake meeting ( online or at your home). In this beginning phase, your input and the current situation, such as the style of the house and the furnishings, are especially important. Then we go through different phases step by step to create the best final result.

In home staging orders, implementation is the next phase. A huge focus is placed on the light, spaciousness, positive aspects of the house, the perception of depth and lines of sight and the most neutral possible furnishings. The intention is that many people are attracted to the house. During the restyling, we will use your own furniture and accessories as much as possible. All assignments of home staging are included home photography for FREE.

A concept plan that follows an interior or garden project as the next phase, Home Sense will be present online or on location. This will include the layout plan as well as colour and material advice and the first ideas of plants or furniture. After feedback from the client and any adjustments, the definitive design phase begins.

With the help of well laid-out 2D and 3D visualisations, detailed layout and customised drawings, the client gives the go-ahead and the realisation of the project begins. A visual tells more than a thousand words, so that is why Home Sense works with visualisation. The visualisation helps the client and contractor to meet each other and to give concrete form to the ideas and a first impression. Nice to see before the construction, installation or styling begins.

Home Sense takes care of the design, the implementation of a home staging assignment, can give input for the installation and realisation of the design, can manage the budget and do the finishing styling (=option). To ultimately deliver the project successfully.