Colours advice Beverwijk (the Netherlands)

Home floor plan

Type of house: Town house
Assignment: colour advice

For this beautiful project of a town house in Beverwijk, the interior designer / interior stylist was asked to give a new colour advice for the living room. A number of wishes and aspects were important in determining the colours.

The characteristic and spacious town house has a fireplace in the middle and when the designer / stylist came, it was covered with dark stones.  With the preference of the residents we chose neutral colours with an accent wall and the fireplace more modern. Besides the colours on the wall we also looked for a different floor. 

After making the colour advice and production the living room will have a modern look thanks to the basic colours grey/white (also the fireplace) and an accent colour (Pale green colour) on the long wall.   

During the colour advice, the existing furniture was taken into consideration so that the combination is correct when the colour is changed.